A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Deep Sky is a prototype for a procedural planetary platforming adventure.

This is a demo where you can fly your spaceship, land on planets, jump on enemies, upgrade yourself with power-ups, and make it to The End, whatever that means 🚀

We hope you enjoy the game!

Created by:

The Future:

Development has stalled indefinitely due to lack of funding, so we've moved onto other projects. Hope you have fun with what we ended up with! 

Install instructions


  • Get the .zip version
  • Extract somewhere
  • Run the exe
  • Only tested on Windows 10

Linux/MacOS/Windows LÖVE User:

  • Get the .love Version
  • LÖVE 11+ Locally Installed
  • Run the .love file with LÖVE


deepsky-win-demo-final.zip 11 MB
deepsky-demo-final.love 8 MB


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Wow! This is a very cool game!

i enjoyed the game a lot,hopefully developments will start again soon

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay